Mar 19, 2020

Hotel X Beautiful Summer Wedding

Bride Groom Kiss

Marlee and Justin’s Hotel X Wedding

For Marlee and Justin, their “I do’s” didn’t just start on their wedding day. It’s a story that goes back an entire lifetime – starting all the way before they were born, when their Mother’s, best friends, conceived them around the same time. They grew up together as family friends, going on family trips, hanging out at their cottages and attending the same summer camp, where they were on rival teams for 12 years (The Forever Greens vs Eternally Greys), but more on that later.

What started off as a typical morning of getting ready, soon turned into an emotional ride of love, joy, and so many tears. Marlee had all of her closest friends with her, dressed in iconic tracksuits to celebrate with some champagne and to get their energy going for the day.

Justin put on his tux (designed by himself) and opened up a few gifts from Marlee. One being a pair of Air Jordan’s (which he would later wear to the reception), and a custom made cookbook from Marlee that had recipes from some of his favourite chefs – recipes that they would make together over the course of their first year of marriage.

Marlee, with the help of her Mom, put on her dress – a beautiful Atelier Pronovias design, and the tears started to roll for anyone who saw her. Her family was first, and her father was instantly emotional. “I was really anticipating all of the ‘first looks’, with my mom, my dad, my sisters, my best friends, and ultimately with Justin” she said. When it came time for her friends to see – there were tears, screams, and cries of joy. “I knew it would be emotional, as I am a happy crier, but the genuine joy and love that I felt was beyond what I ever expected.”

Their favourite part of the day that they both agreed upon was the “1.5 hours we got to spend alone, taking photos together. It is the only truly calm, relaxed, intimate time you get to spend with your partner on the day of the wedding. We caught up about our days so far, and talked about what we were most excited about that was to come” they said. “Plus, there is nothing more fun than kissing for an hour straight!”

Their ceremony, held in the beautiful and bright glass room inside of Hotel X, featured acrylic clear chairs, white hanging florals, and enough light to make you think you’d gone to heaven. Each group of the wedding party walked down the aisle to a different song. Our favourite – a slowed down version of the Friends theme song to accompany the bridesmaids. For Justin, his nerves had been fine and under control all day, until the moment came to walk down the aisle. That was when a wave of emotions hit him.

For the ceremony, an important design element for Marlee and Justin were candles. “You know that feeling when you are sitting on the couch, in your sweatpants, watching a movie. You decide to turn on a candle, and all of the sudden, the entire atmosphere changes. It feels romantic, cosy and intimate. I wanted the guests to feel the same way.” It was a beautiful touch, and when you looked around the room, it twinkled.

A Saturday night party theme was planned for the reception, with late-night eats, signature drinks to match the colour of their rival team names at camp, and plenty of good food.

It was an incredible day – with sentimentality, raw emotion and fun. We are totally in love with you Marlee and Justin, and in love with your love. Thank you for choosing us to capture all of your special moments, and for knowing how to throw such a great party.

With love,
The Purple Tree Team

Planner – Ashley Lindzon
Ceremony/Reception Venue – Hotel X
Wedding Dress – Powder Bride & Evening Toronto Atelier Pronovias
Entertainment – Sole Power Legacy
Videographer – Hidden Lights

Cakes & Confectionery – Buca
Florist – Jackie O
Stationery – Raquel Walman Creative Studio
Officiant – Aviva Rajsky

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