A Sunrise at the Scarborough Bluffs Beach
to Sunset at Aga Khan Engagement Session
Tsion + Dale, Toronto

As wedding photographers, every couple we work with has a unique story to tell, and every love story deserves to be captured in its most beautiful light. Tsion and Dale’s engagement session was nothing short of magical, and it was a privilege to witness and photograph their love story unfold against the breathtaking backdrop of Scarborough Bluffs and the elegant setting of Aga Khan Museum. There is nothing better than getting the opportunity to capture couples during golden hour: twice!

Our adventure with Tsion and Dale began during the tranquil hours of dawn at Scarborough Bluffs’ east-side beach. The early morning sunrise created an ethereal ambiance that added an extra layer of romance to their session. The soft, warm hues of the rising sun bathed the couple in a gentle, flattering light, enhancing their natural beauty and radiance.


One of the greatest advantages of a sunrise shoot is the peacefulness it brings. There’s something incredibly serene about the beach at sunrise, and it allowed Tsion and Dale to be themselves, to be candid and carefree. As they strolled along the shoreline, sharing a bottle of champagne and giggling, We couldn’t help but smile behind our camera. The candid moments captured in the soft, golden light were pure and heartfelt, reflecting the genuine love and happiness between the two of them.

After a short break, we reconvened at Aga Khan Museum as the sun began its descent toward the horizon. This change in location and timing allowed us to create a completely different vibe for Tsion and Dale’s engagement session. The soft, warm glow of the setting sun cast a romantic, dreamy ambiance over the museum’s stunning architecture. The late afternoon light was perfect for creating more dressed-up and editorial-style shots. Tsion and Dale looked like they had stepped right out of a fashion magazine, and the photos we captured were nothing short of breathtaking. Their love story took on a new dimension against the backdrop of the museum’s intricate designs and lush gardens.

What made Tsion and Dale’s engagement session truly special was the opportunity to capture two distinct sides of their love story. The morning session showcased their genuine connection, while the evening shoot portrayed their elegance and sophistication. It felt like we were capturing the essence of their relationship from dawn until dusk.

The interplay of sunrise and sunset lighting in this two-parter engagement session was remarkable. Both the soft, warm light of sunrise and the golden hour glow of sunset are incredibly flattering. They cast a soft, natural glow on the couple, highlighting their features and creating a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Thank you so much for sending these photos. They are absolutely stunning, we can’t wait to share them with family and friends. You were amazing to work with! Your punctuality on the day of the shoot ensured that everything went smoothly, allowing us to relax and fully enjoy the experience. Your ability to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera was truly remarkable, and it reflects in the stunning photographs you captured.

Tsion & Dale