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We are a team of photographers dedicated to ensuring your wedding experience is as seamless as possible. With various strengths, we have created a balanced system where everyone can do what they are best at. When we’re not in the studio or at a wedding, you can catch us hanging out together in different Toronto neighbourhoods.

Purple Tree Photographer


Born and raised in Trinidad, Jane remains an “island gal” at heart. She knows how to put you to ease and it may or may not be because of her endearing accent. Jane started her passion for weddings shooting in black and white film.

Purple Tree Photographer


Ever since she got her first camera, she has been determined to make photography a lifestyle. You can find Maya sharing her knowledge and skills with aspiring photographers. She’s also willing to share photos of her dog!

Purple Tree Photographer


Roei lives and breathes anything classical and has a collection of vintage cameras to show for it. His passion mixed with his determiniation will put you at ease when you find yourself in front of his camera.

Purple Tree Photographer


Calvin grew up surrounded with art thanks to his dad who is a sculptor, and his mom who was a photographer. It’s no surprise that he graduated from OCAD for arts and design. His creative soul paired with his laid-back personality will leave you inspired.

Purple Tree Photographer


Lelania loves capturing authentic moments. Her down-to-earth demeanour and sense of humour will keep you feeling comfortable and confident. When she doesn’t have a camera in hand she’s busy being a mama bear, tending to her garden and doing anything poolside.

Purple Tree Photographer


There are three things Lisa loves – nature, photography, and her dog Charlie. When she isn’t behind the camera, you can always find her out exploring new hiking trails. She’s the first person you probably have heard from about your wedding! Lisa is behind the scenes ready to help our couples.

Purple Tree Photographer


The best word that describes Marielli is “chill”, even while juggling multiple tasks in the studio. Besides photography, she channels her creativity through music and cooking.

Purple Tree Photographer


Carly is a super mom and loves chasing tender moments with her camera. Five minutes after meeting her, you’ll feel like you’ve gained a life long friend. She has the natural ability to make you feel comfortable in any situation.

Purple Tree Photographer


Anastasiia has a bubbly smile that is incredibly contagious – get ready to smile back! She is ​a natural storyteller, and it is only fitting that she pays incredible attention and detail when capturing your big day, with so ​many fun-filled moments in-between. You can expect to feel like best friends with her by the end of the day.

Purple Tree Photographer


Shahin is a natural storyteller so it is no wonder he’s a video wizard. He approaches photography in the same way: shooting each frame as part of a whole narrative. Shahin’s talent and positive energy has attracted a following on his Instagram and Youtube channel.

Purple Tree Photographer


Start a conversation about photography and Mark will carry it on all day. His passion drives him to seek new ways to grow in his art. When you love what you do, every moment is fun and Mark makes sure you’re having fun with him.

purple tree photographer


Her bright red hair and contagious laugh fill up the air when she comes into a room. She is a true photography rock star with the energy that will make your experience unforgettable. Oh, and she has the ability to walk in sky high heels at any time!

Purple Tree Photographer


Coming from a fine art multidisciplinary background, Navid has an eye for aesthetics and knows how to capture a beautiful moment. His passion comes from his love for film and vintage cameras, which developed his aptitude for telling a story through photographs. When he isn’t busy being an editing master, you’ll catch him biking through the city to find inspiration for his next shoot.

Purple Tree Photographer


With a background in fashion photography, Derrick creates a one of a kind experience for his couples. He loves experimenting with the environment he’s in so don’t be surprised if he’s climbing a tree to get that epic shot.

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