Feb 18, 2020

Aga Khan Museum Styled Engagement Shoot

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Ruth and James’ Aga Khan Engagement Shoot

Have you ever dreamed of having a completely coordinated photoshoot with your significant other? Then look no further, because Ruth and James really took engagement shoots to a whole new level.

Shot at the beautiful Aga Khan Museum, the two planned three different looks for different locations of the museum’s grounds. The first – a nude coloured set of outfits set in front of the manicured garden and the clean lines of the building. James looked truly snazzy in his suit, next to a stunning Ruth in a form fitting long sleeved dress. They were a sight to see.

Next, the two were in all white suits with black shoes, shot outside of the clean and minimalist white tile of the building. Then into the garden surrounded by red and orange leaves where their white really popped.

Lastly, they went with matching black fuzzy jackets, black jeans and white turtlenecks for less stylistic, and more candid shots in the tall grasses. We absolutely loved what they chose to wear!

These two had so much fun energy and creativity, and knowing how much we enjoyed this engagement shoot, we are so excited to photograph their wedding this coming May!

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