Apr 06, 2016

Berkeley Field House Wedding

berkeley church field house

Mystique and Philip Toronto Downtown Wedding

The intimate wedding ceremony of Mystique and Philip at the Berkeley Field House was truly a special one. It’s just so nice to see two people pour so much love to each other without even speaking a word. We felt like we were capturing a very romantic love story and the lovebirds’ union just proved us that love conquers all.

Toronto’s Berkeley Field House at Taddle creek boasts of a versatile mixture of urban outdoor grounds and modern indoor facilities. The venue perfectly complimented the marriage of Mystique and Philip and even the drizzle didn’t stop the couple and the guests from continuing the most awaited moment. The shower of rain was like a blessing and a sign of approval from up above.

Before the main event, Mystique prepared together with her entourage while sharing stories and making new joyous memories. Her hair and makeup, done by Anna Hadi were simple yet classy. Mystique opted for a natural look, with her eyes accentuated and her lips colored in nude. Her long, shiny hair was curled and let down at the length of her back which perfectly went well with her lovely wedding gown. The dress by Ian Stuart was made to hug the curves of Mystique’s body and designed in an elegant mermaid style. The heart-shaped tube gown has intricate lacework appliqued all over which added to the overall elegance of the bridal gown. She kept her look sophisticated and not loud by using a silver set of jewelry and finishing it off with blue, bejeweled open heels.

Philip was equally handsome on his special day with his tailored suit by Andrew’s Formals. He was a little anxious and edgy but at the same time was the happiest bloke on that day. He got ready together with his mates and had fun while having a few drinks to calm their nerves. The groom and his groomsmen all wore a classic black tuxedo with a black bowtie. After preparing for the wedding ceremony, came the fun part. They walked down the streets of Toronto until they reached the terminal of a public train. The group rode the train to go to the wedding venue and they didn’t mind a little fall of rain and were still all smiles as they rode all the way to Berkeley Field House.

The wedding ceremony was simple yet memorable. The tent was adorned with lights and the chairs were perfectly lined up. It was like a scene from a wedding photo shoot. Berkeley Field House proved to be an ideal wedding venue with its walls mostly made up of French glass doors and a versatile space that includes a patio and a wonderfully landscaped garden that can accommodate a huge group of people.

The entourage looked adorable with their transparent umbrellas as they walked down the aisles to the altar. The rain continued on but the ceremony never stopped. They didn’t care at all because the sprinkle of rain all the more made the event extra special and extra memorable. Mystique and Philip held their umbrella high and whispered their vows to each other, never breaking eye contact. They kissed under the rain and the crowd cheered the newlyweds.

The reception was also held at the Berkeley Field House and they also catered the sumptuous feast. The venue had a refined elegance in it with its white wash theme. The reception was laidback but tears were shed as kind and loving words were spoken by the relatives and friends of both couples. We saw in Mystique’s eyes how touched she was with the speech of some of her loved ones. They all shared loving hugs and toasts and inspired each other as the day continued.

After a hearty banquet, the guests enjoyed as they danced the night away. The music by DJ Couture hyped up the party and electrified people, young and old to put their best foot forward. Mystique and Philip’s wedding was a blast! We are absolutely sure that they will cherish this very special and momentous day for the rest of their lives.

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brides accessories

brides shoes

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bride puts on the shoes

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Philip Lago

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Berkeley Field House Wedding

Berkeley Field House wedding

bride posing at berkeley church toronto

toronto east-end wedding

bride and maid of honer holding hands

bride and girls

berkeley field

Berkeley Field House tent

flower girl coming down the aisle

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berkeley church field house

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berkeley church field house

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berkeley field house wedding

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bridal party at berkeley fields

bridal party at berkeley field house

wedding reception table

Berkeley Field House wedding setup

Berkeley Field House wedding decor

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wedding reception decor

Berkeley Field House reception

reception at Berkeley Field House

horderves Berkeley church

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berkeley field house reception

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berkeley field house wedding reception

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reception at berkeley field house

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