Mar 20, 2018

Caledon Winter Engagement

portrait in the snowfall

Alessandra & Rory’s Winter Engagement in Caledon

When you have a vision for your engagement shoot, do everything you can to make it happen and go with the flow when things don’t go as planned. Alessandra and Rory certainly made the most out of their engagement session which they originally wanted to be done during summer! We totally get it – life happens and then time flies. We try our best to be as flexible as you want us to be.  New plan? Alessandra had now envisioned being in the middle of a winter wonderland while more snow fell down. Based on the winter we’ve been having, we had to keep an eye on the weather forecast to strategically schedule their shoot to ensure there would be enough snow on the ground, and snow falling.

If you live in Toronto, you know how unpredictable the forecast can be no matter how much you keep an eye on it! Even if it was scheduled to snow on the day of the engagement, no sight of snow could be found in the city. We found ourselves at The Millcroft Inn & Spa in Caledon and even up north, there was little snow on the ground. Then, something magical happened – snow started falling nonstop! We’re talking about the nice type of snowfall, heavy enough to be captured in the camera yet still graceful enough not to count as a blizzard. Cue Alessandra and Rory’s fashionable sense of style and we’ve got photos that are magazine worthy!

Even if the snowfall didn’t last until the end of the session and everything wasn’t covered in blankets of snow, it didn’t ruin anything at all.  The backdrop didn’t have to be all white for it to be a winter wonderland.We actually love being able to see some greenery in the photos. For us, it ended up being just as magical! We hope that these photos convince more couples to plan for a winter engagement session. Alessandra and Rory’s dedication to their dream photos while being open to different possibilities made it a pleasure to shoot them. As long as they were together, it didn’t seem to matter what the backdrop is. We can only imagine how good their wedding portraits in October will be!

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