Jun 19, 2018

Cozy Cottage Engagement Photos

cozy engagement

Bianca and Nico’s Cozy Fall Engagement

Sweaters, pyjamas, and hot chocolate by the fireplace… This is Bianca and Nico’s idea of a perfect day during the fall.

Embracing the breezy weather, this lovable couple did not want anything grand for their engagement shoot; but rather an honest and unique representation of the bond they share as a couple.

They chose to spend it in a quaint little cottage on a lake at Oro-Medonte, and it brought the perfect touch of comfortable intimacy for their shoot. It was a quiet and peaceful place, away from the chaos; away from the buzzing city. 

We are very happy to have shared these moments of isolation with Bianca and Nico. They were so relaxed and comfortable together, the shoot naturally played itself out! 

As they were chilling by the fireplace, with woolen blankets scattered on the floor and their dog as the perfect company, Bianca and Nico showed us how they found the comfort of home in each other’s arms. Later on, they changed into something more dressed up so that we could take a few shots outdoors. Bianca slipped into a flowy and comfortable blue polka-dotted dress, while Nico put on a pair of jeans himself.

Upon leaving the house, they put on some nice coat and jacket to counter the cold, some walking boots, and a hat for Bianca. To top it off, they opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate their engagement.

What we loved the most about this shoot was how Bianca and Nico perfectly yet effortlessly captured the feeling of home in their photos! We couldn’t be more excited for their wedding in Greece! 

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