Jan 09, 2018

Desert Engagement

Desert Engagement

Desert Engagement in Dubai

As much as we love meeting our clients face to face, sometimes they just can’t! Dustynne reached out to us from Dubai, where she has been planning her Toronto wedding this summer. When our couples are out of town, it can be a challenge arranging an engagement session, but lucky for both of us, one of our photographers was also in Dubai at the time!

As a picturesque destination, it’s not hard to find a place to photograph especially from simply walking around. Dustynne and Fraser wanted their engagement photos to capture the city’s character especially since they have claimed it as their home for a few years. The popular spot, Madinat Jumeirah was the perfect backdrop to represent a traditional Arabian town. We love the combination of Fraser’s blue blazer and Dustynne’s white lace dress. The heritage buildings with their sandy yellow walls made the pattern and texture of their outfits pop.

What else is so very Dubai? Sand! And lots of it! A desert in Canada is just something that we cannot picture, and we love that we got the opportunity to capture such a sight in Dubai. Walking on the sand barefoot isn’t just a romantic stroll reserved for the beaches! Dustynne and Fraser were glowing in delight as they walked hand in hand. Turns out we weren’t alone! We were surprised and excited to see camels casually strolling around with us. It was such an unexpected scene that definitely added magic to the photos.

We cannot wait to photograph Dustynne and Fraser this summer at Kurtz Orchard! It’ll be quite the contrast from this Dubai shoot, but that’s what engagement sessions are for! With such a limited time at your wedding day, locations for portraits can also be limited. The engagement shoot is the time to be photographed at a location or two with a different vibe from your wedding.

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