Jan 31, 2017

Emotional 2016 Wedding Photos

Our Favourite Emotional Photos from The 2016 Wedding Season

As we’re preparing for the 2017 wedding season, we’ve been feeling very nostalgic about all the magical moments we feel so lucky to witness and capture in 2016. There were so many times we found ourselves smiling widely behind our cameras, and there were so many times we had to hold back from shedding tears.

No matter how many weddings we have attended, each and every one takes us on a unique emotional rollercoaster ride that we love experiencing. It was difficult to choose from thousands of photos, but here are 28 of our favourites and the stories behind them!


1. Chelsea and Vesa seconds after their first look. Look at how she’s looking at him! It was a very heartwarming moment.


2. Helen and Jason during their Grand Entrance. They filled the entire Liuna Gardens with such great energy in seconds. We had a great time with these two!!

bride and groom ceremony

3. This is Victoria’s dad, passing her to Jason at the start of the ceremony. We love how confident he looks and how wide Jason’s smile is!

bride and groom first look

4. We’re pretty sure this doesn’t need a caption, but here you go :) Angela and Eric’s emotional first look in front of King Edward’s Hotel in downtown Toronto.

mother and bride getting ready

5. Nadine is holding Raquel’s hand right with a look of admiration after helping her get dressed. No dry eyes in the room at that moment. Raquel was such a glowing gorgeous bride, definitely one of highlights of the year!

wedding dress

6. Now, can we all sit and stare at this dress for a second? How stunning is it?! We needed a special place to put it on, so we had to ask staff at Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin to help us find a ladder to showcase this beauty! Thank God everyone was so very helpful. We can’t wait to share this whole fairy tale wedding with you!

family wedding rings

7. Now here is a special one. Three generations in one photo: Sepideh (in the middle), her mom (left), and her grandmother(right).

father and bride first look

8. Caroline and her dad shared such an unforgettable emotional moment together. We love it when brides do the “first look” with their dads in the morning. It’s a whole different magical scene that unravels.

bubbles and kid

9. That blissful moment when your parents just got married <3

handkerchief gifts

10. Gifts to parents are a must in our opinion! How touching is this gift from Victoria?

bride getting ready make-up

11. When we think of real life princesses – we think of Fatema. How serene and calm does she look? We captured it while she was getting ready in the morning.

bride getting ready

12. When she saw herself in the mirror for the first time in her wedding dress. Definitely a Kleenex moment.

reception dance

13. Iliana and Michael were surrounded by so many people during their first dance on the rooftop at Malaparte, but it felt like it was just the two of them at the moment, and nothing else mattered.

bride and groom first look

14. Anthony when he saw her beautiful bride, Amanda, for the first time. We love it when the groom can’t help but become speechless and in tears.

mother and bride

15. Lynne is hugging Ali minutes before the first look. Ali is her youngest daughter (out of 4!) and the last one to get married. You can tell that they are both trying to savour the moment.

bride and groom portrait

16. Daniella and Matthew escaped for 10 minutes during their reception to do some photos with the sunset. We absolutely love how romantic they turned out. Eagles Nest Golf Club was such a perfect backdrop for this dreamy set.

wedding ceremony

17. The grandparents are holding hands during the ceremony as they witness another generation begin their ever after.

groom and family

18. Steven with all his nephews and niece. Photos like this make our hearts sing! We always imagine that the kids we photograph will look through our photos when they’re older as they share the stories from their childhood.

bridal party portrait

19. When your first kiss is just as exciting and special to the loved ones you have surrounded yourself with.

bride and groom portrait

20. How awesome is this moment? Some kisses are more passionate than others. Dani knows how to do it right :)

getting ready emotional

21. Seeing your sister in her wedding dress for the first time.

bride and groom portrait

22. When we had to stop laughing to do some formal photos, but we just couldn’t.

groom and daughter

23. Joe wrote a letter to his daughter on his wedding day. The warmth these two have for each other is like nothing else in this world.

bride reception speeches

24. This is Iliana during the set of speeches. Speeches are a great way to get the emotions going. We love capturing the different reactions!

down the aisle cereomony

25. The bond between Jason and his brother is undeniably strong. It warmed our hearts to see their happy faces throughout the day.

little bridesmaid

26. When your mom makes you pose for a picture you don’t want to be a part of. It’s tough being the flower girl.

bride and groom portrait

27. Who needs Photoshop when you’ve got the wind to do all the photo magic :)

We hope we were able to take you on an emotional journey. Let us know which ones, if not all, got you feeling all the feels! Stay tuned for more highlights from our 2016 season!

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