two lovebirds

Engagement Shoot at Muskoka Cottage

Jenny & Dustin

Engagement photo shoots can get really fancy. The bride-to-be dressing up like a princess with their charming prince, and choosing backdrops that show a lot texture are things you might expect in an engagement session. This goes to show how important engagement photography is to a couple. The more glamorous the details, the more impressive it can get. Couples tend to think about everything from matching outfits to color combinations where you can create a classy romantic ambience. Flowers, candles, antiques, and classy pieces are usually things that are part of the whole setup. At times, depending on the chosen theme of the couple, it can also get very elegant that it would even look it’s already part of the wedding.

Then there are other times when couples simply want something minimal. Since engagement sessions are really about them sharing a great time together, it can also be as casual as they want it to be. Casual doesn’t mean plain. It fact, a lot of times, it’s easier to get relaxed in a casual environment. Our job is to simply capture the stories of two people and how much they adore each other. We enjoy moments with couples when we can just look beyond the outfit, the props, and the details to see the cheerful smiles and the intensifying connection between them when they look at each other, hold hands, or laugh together. It is something that we were reminded of during an engagement photography session with Jenny and Dustin.

We went to Muskoka for Jenny and Dustin’s e-session at the bay. We had much anticipation knowing we will be shooting at a waterfront cottage owned by Jenny’s grandparents. True enough, it was indeed a great spot for some fun by the bay. We thought it was a great idea to have the water as our focal point so we utilized the waterfront and its surroundings even if we had the option to use the beautiful cottage. We did have a few shots using the façade but everyone sure did enjoy the fun shots while the couple got their feet wet, literally.

We were very comfortable with Jenny and Dustin. We clicked with Jenny right away during our initial meeting and although it was only our first time to meet Dustin on the day of their e-session, we found him to be very warm and friendly. This made our session really easy for us and everything was just pure fun. This lovely couple is so super funny and easy going that we didn’t have a dull moment with them.

The thing about wide open spaces is that it allows your creativity to run free. The truth is that it is a bit more difficult to create stunning images with lesser details, but these situations give you more opportunities to showcase the couple’s emotions. With little things going on around, it’s quite easy to show the couple as who they are. With Jenny and Dustin, we didn’t have trouble doing that at all since you can feel their chemistry from a mile away. The way they looked at each other was just electric.

They prepared several change of clothes for the photo shoot. They keep everything simple with just Jenny’s engagement ring as the one thing that elegantly stood out. They didn’t even bother wearing shoes which we thought was just perfect for the location. But even with this kind of setup, they looked wonderful even in matching plain white tees and blue jeans. Playing around, laughing, and just having the time of their lives was just very evident in the photos. It helped that we were in a place surrounded by calm waters, beautiful weather, a cool bay breeze and a darling view – it was just very relaxing.

We didn’t have trouble finding good spots in the area and adding just a prop or two worked well for us. We absolutely loved their colorful bay towel shots as the two just played with the water while they were on the wooden walkway. We also spent a lot of time at their speedboat taking beautiful random shots of them teasing each other, playing around, and just cuddling up for some sweet moments together.

To finish off the day and all in the spirit of fun, they decided to jump into the water – a moment we absolutely loved. Although we’re not expecting things to be casual at their wedding, we’re quite sure we would continue to experience their romantic and fun chemistry again when they say their I dos.


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