Nov 28, 2017

Fermenting Cellar Creative

Fermenting Cellar Creative Shoot

Just by looking at the list of vendors involved, you can already anticipate the number of details that went into this shoot. It was created with the purpose of inspiring those modern brides who can see themselves in this element.

Known for her dark floral designs, Ellie Cashman’s work was the centre of Elisabeth & Beau’s concept of moody and romantic. Right at first glance, you can see how the use of mismatched candles and the grand crystal chandeliers light up the scene in the most dramatic way.

The bride being represented in this shoot is a super woman in every sense. She is powerful, intelligent, independent and beautiful internally, which is everything that makes her beautiful externally. The dress she wears is a bold statement in itself and more importantly accentuates the amount of grace she carries herself with.

Feminine beauty has traditionally been tied close to bright and light colours, if not pink. Diana Pires of Truly Yours Planning and Elisabeth Beau made sure to produce a different sense of beauty, finding it in the darker colour palette alongside the moody decor. We especially love the tiered black cake from Nadia & Co., which was used as a canvas to display more blooms that match the bouquet.

It goes to show that beauty is beyond the display of pretty things, and relies on the process of how they are being presented. With a lot of creative and talented women behind the scenes, the way each detail has been showcased has been well thought of to introduce a unique and exquisite affair.

As seen in Ruffled Blog.

Concept Creator & Producer – Elisabeth and Beau
Planner and Co-Producer – Truly Yours Planning
Venue – Fermenting Cellar
Catering – Elle Cuisine
Headpieces – Blair Nadeau Millnery
Wedding Gown – Elisabeth and Beau
Wedding Veil – LUVYT
Hair & Makeup – Muah Beauty
Model Stylist – Hilary Cameron

Ring – Carey Pearson Designs
Wedding Cake and Dessert Favours – Nadia & Co.
Frozen Dessert – Happy Pops
Furniture Rentals – Simply Beauty Decor
Tabletop Rentals – Plate Occasions
Dance Floor Decor & Backdrop – Dance Floor Decor
Stationery – Ferris Wheel Press
Videography – Norris Films

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