Golden Hour Magic:
Engagement Session at Parkwood Estate
Maya + John-Michael

We had the pleasure of capturing the enchanting engagement session of Maya and John-Michael amidst the timeless beauty of Parkwood Estate. With their beloved teacup Maltipoo, Teddy, in tow, this couple brought not only their love but also a touch of vintage glamour to every frame. Showcasing their unique style, they moved effortlessly from the classic allure of a vintage Corvette to the picturesque grounds of the estate.

Vintage Engagement Session Parkwood Estate
Vintage Engagement Session Parkwood Estate

The couple began their engagement session dressed to impress, showcasing two outfits that perfectly reflected their unique style. Maya donned a short white dress adorned with a large white bow on the side, while John-Michael sported a cream suit jacket. The scene was set against the backdrop of a vintage Corvette, belonging to John-Michael’s father. As they posed beside the classic car, John-Michael made a stylish transition into a blue jacket, adding a subtle yet striking contrast to the shoot.

One of the standout moments was when Maya and John-Michael shared an intimate moment, with Maya seated on John-Michael’s lap inside the vintage Corvette. It was a snapshot of pure love and connection, capturing the essence of their journey together. What’s an engagement session without a furry friend? Teddy, the adorable teacup Maltipoo, stole the show in cute walking shots and direct flash captures. The love between Maya, John-Michael, and Teddy was palpable, creating heartwarming moments that will undoubtedly be cherished for a lifetime.

Maya elevated her style by adding a cute white blazer to her dress, showcasing her fashion-forward sense and adding an extra layer of sophistication to the shoot. The result was a perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern chic. Our jaws were dropping behind the camera! We were so in love with their love. As golden hour approached, Maya changed into a stunning floral gown, while John-Michael maintained his dapper look. The couple explored the picturesque grounds of Parkwood Estate, hand in hand, taking in the breathtaking sunset. What made this scene even more magical was Teddy, perched gracefully on Maya’s dress, symbolizing the inseparable bond between this trio.

The choice of Parkwood Estate as the engagement session location added a layer of historical grandeur to the entire shoot. The estate’s architectural, landscape, and interior designs, reminiscent of the inter-war years, provided a backdrop that transported Maya and John-Michael to a bygone era.

Maya and John-Michael’s engagement session at Parkwood Estate was a beautiful blend of vintage romance, modern style, and simply, Teddy. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow on this love-filled day, we couldn’t help but be captivated by the timeless beauty of their love story, framed against the historic tapestry of Parkwood Estate. The engagement session served as a beautiful prelude to the grand celebration awaiting them in Santorini, Greece, next year. We are counting down the days to next October!

This ended up being the engagement session of my dreams! I couldn’t be happier with my photographer.

Maya & John-Michael