Feb 22, 2016

Graydon Hall Manor Wedding

graydon hall manor gardens photos

Hazelton Manor Wedding Reception with Samira and Frank

There is just something about garden weddings that stops our breaths and makes our hearts flutter. We have always loved traditional and conservative marriages in churches and cathedrals, but garden weddings will always have a special place in our hearts. The whole idea of merging the beauty of life, the splendor of marriage, and the magnificence of nature is so perfect, and to capture every single moment will be absolutely breathtaking.

The intimate garden wedding of Samira and Frank at the Graydon Hall Manor was the picture of the celebration of happiness, love and friendship. There was no sad or frowning face in the event because it was such a joyous occasion for everybody, even for the organizers, the caterers and the photographers. The cheerfulness of the lucky couple spread like wildfire to the crowd and it was undeniably extraordinary for everyone.

The Graydon Hall Manor is one of the most respected wedding venues in Toronto and is also a popular filming location. The site looks like a garden in a royal palace with its lush and opulent greeneries and towering trees that are perfect backdrops for a very special occasion such as a wedding. Whether you need a dinner for a small number of people or you desire a spacious venue for a memorable event which can accommodate a few hundreds, the private rooms and the paradise-like gardens of Graydon Hall Manor can effortlessly provide for you. The celebration of Samira and Frank’s union at this wonderful venue looked surreal and dreamy and we are absolutely sure that every single person was inspired and moved. The Graydon Hall Manor definitely added more spark to the already dazzling wedding ceremony of the charming duo.

While Samira and her ladies got ready at the handsome Manor, the guys were having fun and having their photos taken outdoors. Samira wore an elegant heart-shaped gown appliqued and adorned with ornate beads and jewels that looked absolutely stunning. Her light makeup enhanced her natural beauty which made eyes pop adorably. She completed her overall look with a silver set of jewelry, and nude, peep toe pumps that perfectly matched her gorgeous wedding gown.

The ceremony was a cheery and heartwarming sight. The contrast of the perfectly lined, white chairs and the white, lavish florals over the greens of the garden was a lovely scenery that could give you goosebumps. Samira was the center of attention the moment she reached the aisle. She exuded grace and class as she walked down the aisle together with her loving parents as Frank waited at the altar. Families and friends of both the bride and groom had mixed emotions during the ceremony but one thing’s for sure – they were all very happy for the lovely couple.

After the marriage rites, the people got to refresh and mingle with each other while the newlyweds grabbed the opportunity to have their first photographs taken as husband and wife around the classy orchard. Everything was perfect, from the wonderful, sunny weather to the slight breeze of the wind. Every important moment was captured to be preserved and to be cherished forever.

The reception which was held at the Hazelton Manor Reception looked grand with its attractive chandeliers and round table setup. The hall had fresh, white blooms all over which significantly added to the beauty of the venue. The Hazelton Manor also boasts of ample space for a large crowd with enough space for a dance floor that could accommodate almost everyone who wants to get their grooves on.

Frank and his buddies downed a shot of alcohol to celebrate Frank’s new life as a husband while the people watched and enjoyed themselves. Samira and Frank shared their first dance while the audience watched with tears in their eyes and smiles on their lips. The couple were looking at each other as if there’s no tomorrow. They later on sliced their white, multi-layered cake and shared a kiss which garnered applauses and shouts of joy from the crowd. After having a hearty meal, nearly all of the invitees hit the dance floor to celebrate with the newlyweds and rejoice as Samira and Frank begin a new life together.

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