model Elite Cat Toronto creative beauty photo shoot

Greetings from Svetla Toronto Wedding Photographer

And last but not least…. as you’ve probably figured, I am the last 1/3 of Purple Tree Wedding Photography. My name is Svetla and I’m super excited to tell you a little bit about myself and my approach. Being a fashion photographer for quite a long time made me realize that all our wishes may really come true. Most of us want to feel very special .. And what can be more special than being a part of a fashion shoot on your wedding day?! It’s a fairy tale every girl is dreaming about, and we are here to make it happen in real life.

I am your wedding photographer who has been working with major modelling agencies in Toronto: Elite, Ford, Elmer Olsen, Spot6, shooting tests and creatives for magazines.
I believe that a great photo has a story, a feeling that you get while looking at it and that lasts for ages. I love clean shots, simple lines, natural lighting and pure feelings.

Our team has 3 different approaches, 3 different visions and all of us understand beauty in our own way. That is what makes us unique, and your photos exceptional and suited to your own taste.


model Elite Cat Toronto creative beauty photo shoot
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