Feb 17, 2016

Holcim Waterfront Estate Wedding

Holcim Waterfront Wedding

Crissy and Luke’s Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Toronto

What made Crissy and Luke’s wedding celebration extra special was the way they personalized the most important day of their lives. They brought lots of their own décor and even set up vintage furniture on the grass which looked like an adorable living room during the cocktails. The wedding of the couple was a picture of genuine happiness and friendship and we’re very glad to have captured everything from start to finish.

Everything took place at the enchanting Holcim Waterfront Estates which overlooks the picturesque waters of the Ontario Lake. This famous historical property is surrounded by impressive and stunning grounds which are absolutely ideal for special occasions such as memorable events like wedding ceremonies. The mansion wowed the guests and served as a perfect backdrop for Crissy and Luke’s wedding, with its sweeping waterfront location and spectacular greeneries.

The bride, together with her entourage of beautiful ladies was having so much fun while preparing for the wedding. They were taking selfies and photos of the group while laughing and sharing stories with one another. Crissy was dressed in a simple, yet sophisticated body-hugging bridal gown, with her side-swept hair worn in a classy bun. Her makeup, which was light but appropriate, was done by Mobile Makeovers. They accentuated and highlighted her Asian features and contrasted the light eye makeup with a deep, red color for her lips. A pretty set of silver necklace and earrings and adorable white, laced pumps completed her overall look. Crissy was undeniably gorgeous with her contagious smile which infected everyone around her, including her friends, the organizers, and even the photographers.

The bridesmaids wore tube gowns in a light shade of pink and they all looked like the graces from the Greek Mythology. They were all delighted when Crissy handed them gifts from MAC which was totally thoughtful and selfless of her. It was her wedding day and yet she was still ready to make other people happy.

While the girls were having fun, Luke and his friends were also enjoying and having a great time. Luke donned a tuxedo in a nice shade of blue, complemented by a striped necktie, brown belt and brown leather shoes. He looked absolutely dashing for an equally attractive partner. Like Crissy, Luke also had gifts for his friends. He gave out handmade hand-carved knives which were made by his close friend.

One of our most favorite moments was the time the bride and the groom first saw each other that fateful day. We could almost hear the wedding bells ringing as they both cried and shed tears of joy while gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, as if telepathically speaking that they were extremely happy to be the other half of one another. Another memorable moment for us that day was when we were shooting group photos of the bride, the groom, and the whole entourage for some fun and wacky poses. One of the groomsmen who was totally giving his all in posing jumped in the air and landed with a sound that was all too familiar to us. It was a sound that you wouldn’t want to hear especially during an important event like a wedding. It was the sound of the splitting of pants from the front to the back and down the seam. He was such a good sport and even posed and showed the split in his pants. The entourage was having such a good time and even our team of photographers were having a hard time taking photographs because our shoulders were shaking from trying to stop the laughter from coming out of our mouths. Everybody had a good laugh and that unfortunate moment fortunately made the wedding much more memorable and incredibly hilarious.

Friends and families of both the bride and groom flew from different corners of the world just to join them on their intimate ceremony on their most special day. Crissy’s family came all the way from Korea and they had a family member translate the speeches for them. It was such a joyous celebration and we absolutely loved every second of it.

The reception was a total blast. The entourage surprised the whole crowd with their wicked dance moves while wearing a pair of shades. It was definitely an unforgettable merriment and it was such a delight to see the tables were armed with selfie sticks which encouraged the guests to take photos so they can send them to the newlyweds to let them know how happy they were during the wedding celebration.

Ceremony Venue – Holcim Waterfront Estate
Bridal Gown – Nicole Miller/Loversland Toronto
Florist – Oohlala Designs
Decor and Rentals – All Cargos Event Rentals
Wedding Ring Bands – Kai

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