Jan 23, 2018

Lake Muskoka Engagement

Alexa & Mitch’s Summer Engagement in Muskoka

We always tell our couples to make the engagement shoot a date to make it extra fun and extra romantic. In this case, Alexa and Mitch turned it into a mini vacation by having a quick getaway to Muskoka. If you grew up in Toronto, you must have had at least one trip to Muskoka, either during the winter or the summer. It’s a place far enough to separate yourself from the busy life at home and spend it with what nature has to offer. Alexa and Mitch made it a world of their own, surrounding themselves with the view of Lake Muskoka and even taking a dip in it!

We love the way they coordinated their outfits and how it fits in with the whole picture. Their matching University of Western hoodies tells a story in itself. You don’t have to know them personally to know that their alma mater is a significant part of their relationship if they decide to wear it for their engagement. They were so cozy and comfortable lying on the deck, there was no need to give them direction. They probably could’ve stayed like that for the rest of the time. Alexa’s other outfit made her look like a summer goddess! Her floor-length white dress accessorized with the flower crown is a fashion win. We always like it when couples choose a different season for their outdoor engagement so that they can get a different look for their portraits.

We cannot wait to shoot this lovely couple this May! Alexa was by herself during her consultation, and we instantly felt such a strong connection within the first few minutes of the meeting! It felt like we have been long lost members of her family, so how can we not be excited to celebrate with them?



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