Love Takes the City:
Modern Wedding at Ricarda’s
Katherine + Austin, Downtown Toronto

Katherine and Austin, a couple whose love story transcended the distance between Halifax and Toronto, held their wedding at the exquisite Ricarda’s. Their wedding date perfectly encapsulated the essence of their relationship – cool, relaxed, and filled with a desire to have fun on their special day. As a pilot, Austin’s love soared high, while Katherine, an Oral Surgeon hailing from Halifax, found the perfect balance. Let’s delve into the details of this chic celebration, where modern vogue aesthetics met a carefree spirit.


PLANNER – Fabulous Occasions CEREMONY VENUE – Ricarda’s RECEPTION VENUE – Ricarda’s HAIR – Natasha Stein MAKEUP – Fancy Face FLORIST – Beaux Floral GETTING READY LOCATION – Archive Studios VINYL – Event Graffiti DRAPING – Eventure DJ – Dj Floh Back CAKE – La Rose Bakery OFFICIANT – Ceremonies to Remember PHOTO BOOTH – SDE Weddings RENTALS – Detailz Couture TRANSPORTATION – Toronto Limo

The day began with a touch of anticipation in the air. Austin, a laid-back pilot, prepared for the day on his parents’ farm in Milton. Surrounded by the rustic charm of the countryside, the atmosphere was relaxed yet filled with the warmth of family. Meanwhile, Katherine, the bride hailing from Halifax, was getting ready at Archive Studios, her excitement bubbling with each passing moment.

The couple’s love for each other was evident in their decision to meet before the ceremony for a first look. The meeting point was carefully chosen, and Austin arrived at Archive Studios, eagerly awaiting that magical moment. As he turned to see Katherine in her stunning gown, the joy on their faces spoke volumes, setting the tone for the day.

Katherine and Austin were a breath of fresh air – a couple unburdened by rigid schedules, embracing the day with an open mind and a desire for creative freedom. They were drawn to the modern vogue look, and it reflected in every aspect of their celebration. The wedding colors, a sophisticated palette of bright whites and creams with hints of soft pinks, brought a contemporary flair to the classic setting.

With a bridal party of ten, all dressed in sleek black attire, the contrast against the modern color scheme added a touch of sophistication. The groomsmen mirrored the style, exuding an air of timeless elegance. The details were meticulously planned, with Fabulous Occasions orchestrating the day’s events seamlessly.

Beaux Floral’s arrangements adorned the venue with stunning blooms, creating an atmosphere of romance. The ceremony was a highlight in itself, with a unique twist. Confetti rained down upon Katherine and Austin immediately after they exchanged vows, creating a magical moment that mirrored their exuberance. Draping set the stage for the ceremony, adding an ethereal touch to the proceedings.

The DJ kept the energy high throughout the reception, with a vinyl setting the perfect backdrop. A bakery crafted a delicious cake that was as delightful to the eyes as it was to the taste buds. The day was filled with laughter and joy, captured beautifully by the photobooth. The thoughtful details, from the rentals provided by a company to the exquisite decor, created an immersive experience for the guests.

As the day unfolded, it became clear that this was not just a wedding; it was a celebration of love, individuality, and the joining of two souls on a journey through life. Through my lens, I had the privilege of freezing these moments in time, creating a visual narrative that mirrored the laughter, the joy, and the unfiltered love that permeated the air.

In the end, it was not just about capturing the perfect shot; it was about telling the story of Katherine and Austin – a story of love, laughter, and a celebration that transcended the ordinary. It was a day that will be etched in their memories forever, and I was honored to be the one to capture it all.

We are so in love with our photos!! The perfect day captured by the BEST team!! Thank you Purple Tree! We are so happy with how it turned out!

Katherine & Austin