Aug 07, 2018

Magnolia Mint Room Creative

Magnolia Creative at Mint Room Studios

Magnolias, since the ancient times, were believed to be the perfect symbol of womanly beauty and gentleness. This belief has been carried on through generations, and today – we commonly see these blooms in bridal bouquets as they accentuate the innate beauty of the brides that hold them.

The Magnolia flower inspired the overall concept of this shoot we co-produced with August in Bloom. With its soft colours that commonly come in creams, yellows, gentle pinks, and lavender hues – the palette used for this shoot were carefully derived from it. The combination of these colours gave a very gentle and dreamy approach to the whole set-up, making us feel like we are walking in a dream with hazy eyes.

The dark grey Library Room of Mint Room Studios was an easy space to work with. Since a lot of the details and character come from the room itself, we brought it the twist to make it our own. In the set-up, cotton branches were intertwined with an abundance of blossoming flowers. Wicker chairs were put around the wooden harvest table, which was adorned by a low-lavish centerpiece of roses and magnolias, as well as majestic tall black candles. There were low-hung chandeliers too, that added a much-welcomed eye luxury on the set. Combined all together, these elements were enough to transport us to another dimension.

But of course, what is a whole beautiful set-up without the presence of a bride? For her first look, the bride wore a white tube gown that graciously flowed like water through her body. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun, with big soft curls framing her face. We loved how the bride’s subtle makeup blended with the natural beauty that surrounded her. She later on changed into a layered and flowing peach dress, with another symbolism of the magnolia flower. The dress delicately opens, just like a flower that blossoms without force.

Another favourite element of ours in this shoot is the wedding cake. As unusual as it is, the cake was made of a soft grey-green hue, to complement the theme of the shoot. The cake was texturized on the surface, and garnished with touches of magnolia flowers on the outside, intricately handcrafted by the artists of Sweet Philosophy.

And last but not the least – like a fairy princess in waiting, the bride looked stunning as she was seated on the dark swing that hung from the ceiling of the dark grey room. This shoot was featured in the first issue of Bridal Affair Magazine!

Co-Creative Direction, Co-Production, Planning & Styling – August in Bloom
Florals – Flowers Time
Makeup & Hair – Jen Evoy Makeup Studio
Printed Decor Handlettering – Love Lettering
Stationery – Simply Sealed
Dress, Shoes & Accessories – Sash & Bustle
Furniture, Chandeliers & Tableware – Simply Beautiful Decor
Swing – Engineered Arts
Printed Decor – Event Graffiti
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