Dec 09, 2015

Muskoka Wedding at JW Marriott Resort

The Surreal Muskoka Wedding of Laura and Jonathan

bride and groom in a boat

When it comes to surreal and dreamy wedding settings, Muskoka is absolutely one of Ontario’s most popular locations. The place does not only boast of spectacular sceneries of the beauty of nature, but Muskoka also offers a one-of-a-kind experience of celebrating life and love in the most dramatic and inspiring way. Cottage country is undeniably ideal for couples who are ready to promise to spend the rest of their lives together because the location is so intimate and motivating that it will give you a sense of calm and inner peace.

Laura and Jonathan tied the knot and celebrated their marriage in an upscale and swanky Muskoka destination wedding on the stunningly beautiful Lake Rousseau together with 250 guests including their families and closest friends. The most appropriate way of describing the couple’s wedding celebration is that everything is perfectly elegant and that they are undoubtedly perfect for each other. The way Laura and Jonathan looked into each other’s eyes, they could easily melt everything around them. You can definitely see their souls talking to each other and it will make you believe that happy endings do happen in real life.

The fairest maiden of all, Laura was the princess in everyone’s eyes but the one and only queen in Jonathan’s life. She wore a stylishly-tailored, mermaid wedding gown enhanced and appliqued with corded lace which made the overall look fairy-tale like. Laura let her blonde, shiny hair down with her ringlets and curls covering the tops of her bare back. She opted for a light eye makeup which complemented the color is her eyes in an enchanting way. The bride finished her overall wedding look with sparkly dangling earrings, bracelet and her Jimmy Choo high heels.

This classic Muskoka wedding ceremony was like a scene from a romantic movie. Everybody was excited and thrilled, the bridesmaids looked delighted and pretty in their pastel-colored gowns, and there were tears shed before, during and after the ceremony because of unexplained emotions washing over the relatives and friends of both Laura and Jonathan.

Laura was the epitome of grace and elegance and she exuded much class as she walked down the aisle at the beautifully white-washed St. Baptist Catholic Church while Jonathan patiently waited for his most beloved. The two lovebirds just showed the world that love conquers all and that love is the answer. They sealed their vows to each other with a chaste kiss as the crowd applauded, hugged each other, and cried tears of joy.

The celebration continued on as the newlyweds lead the way to their reception which was just across the lake. The couple crossed Lake Rousseau in a true cottage style by cruising the through a vintage and cedar stripped Muskoka boat, with a “Just Married” sign dangling on the back. – A sight to behold and moment to be remembered.

The whole event was decorated by Princess Weddings and they played with the color scheme of cream, ivory and blush in the florals, decors and linens. The reception was a round table set up which was more intimate and appropriate for Laura and Jonathan’s wedding. The whole place smelled of roses which tickled the senses and heightened the excitement. The couple’s wedding cake was a traditional white one but a towering four layers with intricate designs.

Laura and Jonathan’s classic Muskoka destination wedding was absolutely a moment to be cherished. The beauty of nature together with the beauty of the union of two hearts makes people remember and realize that love still makes the world go round.

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Muskoka fireworks wedding

At nightfall, a spectacular and breathtaking display of fireworks in the clear skies surprised all the guests while Laura and Jonathan hugged and kissed each other under the stars. What a wonderful and dramatic photo backdrop for the two lovebirds.

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