Jasmine and Max

Palais Royale Toronto Wedding

Jasmine & Max

Wedding Planner – Elena Troyan
Flowers/Decor – Flowers Time
Videography – Elle & Be
DJ/Band – Party Crew Entertainment
Hair and Makeup – Nikol Natalie
Hair and Makeup – Anya Schwarstburg
Wedding Cake – Inna Bubelich
Rabbi – Aaron Shemtov

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The beautiful Palais Royale was the witness of the heartwarming Jewish wedding ceremony of Jasmine and Max. Home to incredible musicians like Duke Ellington and Count Bassie, the Palais Royale has become one of Toronto’s leading events places since its revival in the year 2005. The impressive view of the Ontario Lake made the wedding of Jasmine and Max extra special and extra memorable. The Palais Royale Ballroom offers a state-of-the-art venue which is not only perfect for couples who want to tie the knot, but also for important gatherings and social events that need an intimate location with a spectacular setting.

Jasmine’s hair and makeup were professionally made Nikol Natalie. Her makeup was simple but perfect for the occasion. Nikol applied thick but fine eyeliner on Jasmine’s lids to emphasize her big doe eyes. They opted to use a neutral colored lipstick to keep it classy and elegant. The wedding gown of the bride was stunningly gorgeous and quite unique. The bridal gown was sophistically tailored to hug Jasmine’s curves. The custom-made dress bespoke by Imad Ibrahim was a lovely sight to the eyes. It was a mixture of different kinds of fabric designed into a mermaid-styled sleeveless gown. The laced straps made the dress fashionable and at the same time graceful and stylish. Even the closed, pointed shoes of the bride were one-of-a-kind with its shade of cream topped with an adorable ribbon. Jasmine’s hair was intricately made into a vintage up do and to add a traditional flair, she donned a lovely headdress covering the right side of her head. The bride looked absolutely attractive and she exuded refinement which earned her all the eyes of the crowd.

The bespectacled Max looked simply charming in his blue tuxedo and pink necktie. His shiny shoes accented by blue shoelaces and striped shocks were adorable. This goes to show that Max has a bubbly personality and we really enjoyed working with both the groom and the bride. Max had a drink with his father while they were preparing for the main event. The father and son treasured their moments together and shared a few hugs and some words of inspiration. We clearly saw how happy both men were on that very special day and it was very moving for us to have witnessed such a momentous event.

The venue was decorated in a charming set up. The hall was painted in an enchanting gold and white theme. The golden chairs perfectly contrasted the whitewashed draperies and the adorable flower setup added to the magical panache which looked like something from the pages of a wedding magazine. Love was truly in the air.

At exactly 5 o’clock, the Ketubah signing started. Ketubah signing is a tradition in the Jewish wedding ceremony. The men were wearing kippot or skullcaps which were provided for. It is also traditional to wear these during a Jewish wedding ceremony.

As the couple said their “I Do’s”, mixed emotions filled the room. People were crying, smiling and some were doing both. But one thing is for sure – everybody was happy for the newlyweds for they will start a new chapter of their lives not as Mr. and Ms., but as Mr. and Mrs.

After the ceremony Jasmine and Max were overjoyed that it was finally over. They were already married! They couldn’t contain the gladness that they were feeling that they put their hands up in the air in a blissful celebration. The two led the crowd to the reception area which was also held at the Palais Royale. The hall was setup with round tables topped with white blooms arranged beautifully. Much like the ceremonial venue, the reception area was in a gold and white theme which looked warm in the eyes as the colors blended with the polished wooden floors of the hall. The guests arrived and they all started their festive merriment.

This wedding photo shoot is one of the happiest ones that we have captured in our lenses. Everybody, young and old, was on their feet, dancing and partying jubilantly. We are quite sure that the newlyweds will have memories of their extraordinary wedding that they will forever cherish. And we are happy to share to all of you the moments of joy, friendship and love that we have captured in the unforgettable Jewish wedding of Jasmine and Max.


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Palais Royale Ballroom
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