Mar 27, 2018

Ritz-Carlton Toronto Wedding

Shauna and Richard’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel Wedding

Shauna and Richie met 12 years ago at an overnight camp, and clearly, it was more than just a summer fling as they started to build their lives together from then. They became inseparable ever since and have recently vowed to be each other’s forever. Just like their family and friends, we were also looking forward to the celebration after meeting them in New York for their engagement shoot.

We love how simple their day flowed starting from the morning preparations that took place in Shauna’s home. As much as we love our hotel rooms, getting ready at your own home is incredibly special since those walls have already have their own memories. Did we mention Richie was also getting ready at the same house? It’s rare when everything takes place under one roof, but when it does, we get excited! Once Shauna and Richie were dressed, everyone stopped to watch the most anticipated part of the day – the first reveal! They positioned Richie at the bottom of the staircase as Shauna gracefully made her way down the steps. Some couples prefer to be alone for this moment, but it’s also nice having a group of cheerleaders jumping for joy! Shortly after, they had their alone time during the portrait session around the house and the neighbourhood. If you have a gorgeous home, why go anywhere else? The privacy and comfort definitely helped Shauna and Richie interact naturally with each other in their photos.

Keeping it easy, the ceremony and reception also took place under one luxurious roof: The Ritz-Carlton Ballroom. The 18-foot ceiling was the perfect room for a celebration as grand as this! Shauna wanted her wedding to be timeless, drawing inspirations from natural colours of white and green. Add a hint of black and the bright colours are sure to pop! She believes less is more and you definitely can’t go wrong with that. There will always be beauty in simplicity. The focus was redirected to the celebration itself, and it was absolutely insane in the best possible way! It takes the gold for the craziest party of 2017 and we’ve been to many!

During the planning process, Shauna made sure not to get caught up with all the details that won’t matter at the end of the wedding. Instead, she focused on what would matter, which will always be your family, friends and husband! It was a pleasure for us to get to know this couple who found their first and forever love in their teenage years. They definitely taught us a thing or two about relationships!

Planner – Melissa Baum Events
Venue – The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Makeup –
Florist –Stemz
Stationery – The Write Invite
Decor & Rentals – Detailz Couture

Catering – The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Dance Floor Design – Event Graffiti
Drapings – Micki’s Draping
Music – Magen Boys Entertainment
Videography – High Rise Pictures

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