Aug 10, 2016

Royal Canadian Yacht Club Wedding


Megan and James’s Yacht Club Wedding

The breeze blowing in from Lake Ontario swirled around them, blowing Megan’s long dark hair about. Her long ivory vail flowed behind her as she made her way to her soon-to-be-husband, James. They were standing in front of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, the venue for their big day, which overlooked Toronto’s skyline across the tranquil waters of Lake Ontario.

Her eyes were bright and her smile was wide as she made her way to James. His back was turned to her, anxiously awaiting the time to turn around and see his gorgeous bride face to face. Megan reached for his shoulder and turned him toward her. His smile was radiant, and his eyes were full of love and admiration for his Megan. Moments later the two would officially become man and wife, and smile even brighter.

Early that morning Megan and her six bridesmaids met at 150 Cherry Street, then enjoyed a boat ride across the lake to the RCYC, where they prepared for the day. While they got their makeup and hair done they relaxed and enjoyed a light brunch and champagne. Rain drizzled down outside most of the morning, but that didn’t affect the mood at all. The girls laughed and reminisced on times past, as they celebrated one of their dearest friends. After hair and makeup was done, Megan was excited to put on her wedding dress. The gorgeous A-line gown had a sweet-heart neckline, detailed with ornate beads and shiny sequins. She looked absolutely stunning and radiated elegance and class.

Across Lake Ontario, James and his groomsmen hung out and got ready for the day. James baked his groomsmen cookies, which they all enjoyed, and delightfully sent photos to Megan his bride. James and his good friends had a ball, laughing and enjoying one another’s company. Soon it would be time to board their boat for the RCYC. James was one step closer to forever with his love, Megan.

The rain subsided and the sun desperately tried to peak out from behind the rain clouds, just as Megan and James shared an intimate and sweet moment during their first look. In a short time they would become one, and vow their lives to one another at their precious ceremony.

The calming sound of a string quartet filled the air. Though heavy clouds hung from the sky, there was joyful anticipation in the air. The soft melody orchestrated each step the bride took toward her soulmate, best friend and soon-to-be-husband. As she moved her blue peep-toe heels peeked from beneath her gown. With her father by her side, Megan confidently strode past 100 of her seated wedding guests, confidently and excitedly making her way to her James, who was standing by the officiant and his six groomsmen and Megan’s six bridesmaids. Sharply dressed in a navy suit, the white polka dots on his tie matched his white boutonniere.

Megan’s steps in Badgley Mischka shoes corresponded with the flow of the string quartet’s elegant movement. Megan’s long brown hair was curled and bounced with ever step, her long ivory vail elegantly flowed down the back of her long Hayley Paige wedding gown. They held hands during their sweet ceremony was filled promises of a forever love, with and hopeful dreams for their future together. The two sealed the deal with their first kiss as man and wife, and joyfully exited while their guests cheered. They enjoyed a few moments alone, and soaked in the events that had transpired so far that day.

Guests made their way to the reception in the ballroom at the RCYC, which was founded in 1852 and holds rich historical significance in Toronto, and is a very romantic setting for a late summer wedding. Round tables were scattered around the large room which was painted light-blue, and had nautical accents throughout. The table linens were ivory, which matched the white roses and hydrangeas that made up the tall candelabra centrepieces candelabra centrepieces courtesy of FOS Decor Center.

The RCYC served a decadent hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while guests mingled throughout the room. Megan and James visited with good friends and family, and enjoyed the romantic and intimate ambiance of the room. Everyone was directed to find their seats for a sit-down dinner, which was served by the venue.

Parents and good friends of the newlyweds gave speeches toasting memories, the future and the happy couple. The room was filled with joyous laughter and a few tears shed by the bride herself. Megan and James made their way to the lovely wedding cake by The Wedding Cake Shoppe, which sat in a corner of the room and was adorned with beautiful light-pink flowers and icing. The couple overflowed with delight and glee as they laughed together, in unison with their guests.

The evening was coming to an end as Megan’s beaded gown twinkled in the light as she and her love enjoyed their first dance as man and wife. James tightly embraced his new bride, as they both cherished each second of their beautiful wedding day. A day we are honored and blessed to have been a part of. Guests continued to celebrate the union of these two precious people. Cheers to Megan and James. May you have a wonderful life together!

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