Rustic Barn Wedding

Brittany & Mitchell

Planner – Blush & Bowties
Venue – Cambium Farms
Florist – Hunt and Gather
Catering – Cabral Catering
Rentals – Chairman Mills
Videography – Outside In

When we first sat down with Brittany and Mitchell at our studio, we instantly fell in love with them because of how adorable they were with each other! We knew that if we got the lucky chance to shoot their wedding, it would be full of heart-wrenching moments that will keep us smiling for days. Lucky for us, we did! Last August, we drove to the beautiful Cambium Farms in Caledon to shoot their special day.

Cambium Farms is the perfect spot for any couple planning a rustic, yet elegant style of wedding. You can find everything you need here, from 50 acres of well-kept grounds surrounded by trees to an authentic century-old barn. No need to book your ceremony and your reception in two different places. They even have a farmhouse where the bridal party can get ready – which was where Brittany and her bridesmaids spent their time in the morning. This charming little house felt as warm as any home. We love how dramatic and romantic the photos turned out, with the antique style full-length mirror and one large window on one side for natural light to come in. The photos of Brit and her bridesmaids surrounding her is still one of our favourites!

Looking like a classy princess with her short sleeve sweetheart neckline and flowy skirt, she greeted her groom by hugging him from behind. As if Mitch wasn’t already smiling at the idea of seeing his bride for the first time, his smile was got wider when he finally did. We try our best to step back and disappear during this moment as much as we can without missing a thing. No matter what the schedule says, this is the part of the day we never want to rush. Take your time admiring each other, getting excited, and just be present. Couples tell us all the time that the first reveal was their favourite part of the day!

When it came to their ceremony, they had requested their guests to unplug and be present by telling them not to use any cell phones or cameras during the ceremony. We are so used to photographing along with a sea of cell phones that this was refreshing to us! The atmosphere was definitely different and it allowed the ceremony to feel all the more significant with the guests being focused on being witnesses. As if things weren’t magical enough, another moment captured our hearts! Brit and Mitch’s mothers reached across the aisle to hold each other’s hands! To top it all off, the room started to fill with bubbles as they sealed it with a kiss as husband and wife.

Enough about how adorable and magical everything was because we probably won’t be able to stop. Let’s talk about the overall style of the wedding! First of all, you can’t go wrong playing with different shades of purple and red. Starting with the bridal party’s outfits to the stunning bouquet by Hunt and Gather, it definitely coloured the scene pretty. This wedding is Pinterest worthy, and definitely an inspiration for those brides looking for a different take on a rustic country style of celebration.

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