Feb 24, 2016

Shangri-La Toronto Wedding

downtown toronto wedding backdrop

Shangri-La Wedding with Cynthia and Michael

Cynthia and Michael tied the knot at the posh and luxurious Shangri-La Hotel Toronto, which also served as the venue for their wedding reception. But before the momentous event, the bride and groom got ready to be the best versions of themselves for their very special day. Cynthia’s makeup was sophistically done by Vivian Wu. Her beautiful almond eyes and naturally high cheekbones were accentuated and not overly done so she looked positively glowing and gorgeously blooming. Her hair, which was also prepared by the same makeup artist was donned in an elegant bun with a French braid at each side of her head and red ornate flowers to complete her elegant hairdo. Michael sported a classic, Paul Smith tuxedo in the shade of gray and a red bowtie. His hair was in a handsome quiff which made him look awesome and dashing. He finished his overall look with Yellow Craspedia Billy Button flowers accenting his formal wear, an adorable pair of striped, multi-colored socks and vintage-styled pair of brown shoes.

Before the main event, the bride and groom had a tea ceremony which is an old tradition in Chinese weddings. While getting ready, Michael and the entourage had a fun time together playing amusing games which included the groom putting on red lipstick and kissing an image of Winnie the Pooh, which seemed like the couple’s favorite cartoon character. The bride made her bridesmaids extra happy by giving them special gifts sweetly packaged in boxes labeled “la Vie en Rose.”

For the tea ceremony, Cynthia wore a traditional Chinese attire with stunning red flat shoes. They had a lovely ceremony which is important in the Chinese culture. This shows the respect of the couple on the seniority of their parents.

Cynthia changed into her Vera Wang Bridal Gown for the main celebration. The dress looked absolutely stunning with its heart-shaped tube couture, with layers flawlessly cascading from the hips down to the floor. Her hairdo was changed into a classy bun with white, flowery headdress perched on top of the chignon. Her gorgeous set of pearl jewelry made her look effortlessly exquisite together with her white, attractive shoes from Prada which had bejeweled high heels. Cynthia’s bouquet of fresh, white roses highlighted by the same Yellow Craspedia Billy Button flowers on Michael’s were the perfect contrast to the bride’s elegant wedding dress.

The celebration was very solemn. We could clearly see the bride and groom fighting back tears from the overwhelming emotions that they were feeling on that very special day. There was even a time when they could no longer hold it back and they just let the tears flow from their eyes. There was just so much love overflowing from the lovebirds and we were so lucky to have witnessed the union of two people who want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

During the photoshoot of the newlyweds and the entourage, the photographers also had a great time because everybody was just so happy that day. Cynthia and Michael even brought their dog will them and included it on the photoshoot which was absolutely adorable.

The reception was intimate yet fun-filled. The bridal party, in their Vera Wang attires paraded in the hall before the newlyweds sliced their cute Winnie the Pooh themed wedding cake. The couple shared their first toast as husband and wife with the happy crowd. Everyone had so much fun as Cynthia and Michael lead the other couples to kiss their most beloved.

Later on, Cynthia changed into a striking red, floor-length, laced dress which undeniably stood out of the rest of the crowd. She completed her already outstanding look with gold jewelry which was just perfect. Michael also changed in a black tuxedo with the same red bowtie. They had games and shared a lot of toasts over stories and laughter before Cynthia again changed into a charming dress which she wore until the end of the night.

Everyone was in a bliss. The night ended with everybody perfectly contented and joyous for the new chapter in Cynthia and Michael’s lives.

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