Mar 07, 2017

Summer Engagement Shoot

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Emily and Mikki’s Summer Engagement Shoot

Emily and Mikki are the cool kids in school that you can’t help but admire from afar. Once you see them together, you can’t imagine anyone else more perfect for the other. Thankfully, no one has to. They’ve tied the knot! While we’re still not over their wedding, we can’t get over their engagement photos either!

We shot their engagement photos in the summer, and although it was beautiful outside, some days just call for staying home away from the heat. Emily and Mikki gave us the best of both worlds with an indoor and outdoor session. In their kitchen, we got a sneak peak of their lifestyle as a couple with a morning routine involving French toast and kisses. Shoutout to Mikki’s mom for the mouthwatering breakfast! Mornings never looked so intimate and romantic and worth waking up for!

Our time outside was a whole different vibe. From the black Jeep to their ripped jeans, it felt like we were shooting an editorial for an edgy fashion magazine. They were effortlessly stylish, and they knew how to pose for the cameras. There’s no need for an exceptional backdrop when the couple will steal all the attention anyway.

If you’re in awe by Emily and Mikki’s engagement photos, wait till you see their wedding! Can’t wait to share it in another blog post. Stay tuned!

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