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White Dress Creative Wedding Photography Thailand

Ok, so it’s been a while since the last time i posted on here. I have a pretty valid excuse for that though.. I had been enjoying Thailand for the two months and finally got back to Toronto just over a week ago. Needless to say, Thailand is absolutely magic place for any occasion you can think of! This was my third time staying in Thailand and I can tell you for sure there will be many many more. The weather, people, nature, sea, food.. everything is just perfect and helps you relax and enjoy those endless days in the shade of a palm trees. I could go on and on – i want to believe that I am still there, but cold reality tells me otherwise!  I think I can still feel the sea breeze and smell of plumeria flowers. The reason I love taking photographs in Thailand is very simple – you can find any kind of background there, whether you are dreaming of a shoeless walk on the beach during the sunset or you just want to capture your subject on a busy street with lots of crazy fun stuff around.

Today I want to share some images from a photo shoot with Katerina, who found me through the internet. We had been planning this creative for a very long time, but it just couldn’t happen any earlier for different reasons. She lives in Russia, I am in Canada. Funny how our paths crossed far away from our homes! Katerina planned her vacation in Thailand for exact same dates I was there, so that was it, no more excuses! We discussed all the details, accessories and “overall feel” of the shoot way ahead of time so we were ready to go! I had no idea Katerina would be so gorgeous before I actually met her. She is very tall, slim and reminds me of a modern version of Pokahontas.

Katerina brought her wedding dress and we took some pictures in it on the beach.. and she looks so flawless, absolutely amazing!


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phuket creative white dres sfashion 1
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