May 22, 2018

Tips For A Rainy Wedding Day

Tips For A Rainy Wedding Photos

In Case Of A Rainy Day

Everyone is scared of the rain when it comes to weddings. But let us be the ones to tell you to fear no more! Your portraits will still look beautiful, and the colours will still pop. A little bit of rain hasn’t hurt anyone, and storms that last all day are a rarity.

Sometimes we just can’t predict rain, especially in Toronto, but when it happens, don’t let it put a damper on your mood! Everything will turn out perfectly, just as it would if the sun was shining. It’s always good to be prepared though, so here are a few things to remember in the case of a rainy day:

1. It might be rainy, but it doesn’t mean natural light has disappeared. In fact, the light is the best when it’s overcast and the perfect lighting is the basis of a great photo. Don’t worry!

2. Photos are our problem. We always have backup locations in mind for all your portraits just in case. You don’t need to stress about this! Rainy days give us a chance to get creative.

3. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. You can’t plan your day as if it will rain because that is just an overwhelming thought that you really don’t need! Rainy wedding days happen all the time, and the vendors you’ve hired are more prepared than you think. We can handle it.

4. Bring an umbrella! Clear or white looks best in photos. Keep yourself dry and look good doing it.

5. If you always wanted to own cute rain boots or flip flops, now’s your chance! An excuse to kick off your heels so you’re comfortable going outside.

It’s better to be prepared for rain than worry about the “what if’s”. More often than not, it stops in time for the portrait session. Sometimes, it doesn’t end up raining at all! Rain or shine, you should be enjoying an important day in your life as a couple. When the unexpected happens, just laugh it off and make the most out of it! Promise your day will still be as memorable as ever, maybe more than you expect.

We’ve compiled our favourite rainy wedding day photos for you to check out!

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