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Wedding Decor with Karen Tran in Toronto

Wedding Florist and Designer: Karen Tran
Event Coordinator and Production: Affairy Events
Assistant to Karen Tran: Flowers Time
Model: Samantha from Plutino
Hair by: Svetlana Skiba
Makeup by Emily Anne Helsdon
Sweets by Connie Cupcake
Location: Gladstone Hotel Toronto
Dinner Ware: Chairman Mills
Rentals: Have a Seat
Stationary: Anista Designs
Vases provided by Hofland
Wedding Gown: Ferre Sposa
Cinematography: Tealight Films

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We enjoy couples who do a lot of do-it-yourself designs for their weddings. There’s just so much effort and creativity involved and anyone could really see how dedicated couples are with the things they can create. But even with our fascination to DIY, there are simply arrangements made by expert designers that are very distinctly professional. This is why we have always believed that getting professional suppliers carry huge advantages over do-it-yourself preps. When you have a group of experts working on your wedding, all you need to do is simply let the surprise unfold as you sit back, relax, and enjoy.

So just imagine our excitement when we found out that Karen Tran was in town and we get to be with her for half a day at the Gladstone Hotel. She was in Toronto to conduct her hugely popular floral master class. Known for her exquisitely lavishing floral centrepieces, Karen Tran has been one of the most influential floral designers in the world. We never hesitated when we were invited by Ksenia of Affairy events to join a team of professionals in a collaborative project with Karen.

As wedding photographers, being fixated with details, texture, and backgrounds is a natural thing. Being in that event was a haven filled with everything nice and elegant. There were lots of beautiful, artistic, and well-crafted details. There was a lot of excellent effort put into selecting the items. The attention to detail was remarkable. The flowers, cakes, invitations, menu stationery, and even the dessert had carefully handpicked silver-like embellishments that served as floral accents. Even the table linen was a tasteful choice as it had golden thread, intricate silver embroidery, and a textured skirt. Everything from the candleholders, plates, and even the dessert stands were carefully chosen to create an elegant arrangement. Some of us eagerly admired the five-tier classic white fondant cake which was turned into floral artistry as it featured floral designs, beads, and tassels. It was so beautiful and elegant we’d take it home if we could. These items made every bit of the beautifully-designed setup breath-taking.

Everything was done with half a day as we watched Karen work her mind-blowing magic. Of course, her centrepieces, which she created with the event attendees, were certainly a highlight. Made from different flowers including roses, tulips, orchids and hydrangeas, the centrepieces created that exquisitely luxurious vibe. Lighting up the candles in the end even produced an ambient feeling that was just perfect. To complete the stunning setup, we had Samantha from Plutino as our model, who posed as our bride for the event.

After all the day’s work is done, all we could say is that it was an awesome experience. And it’s not just because Karen was there. It was also because we were able to work with some of Toronto’s finest wedding experts. It has always been a pleasantly creative experience working with such great talent. Some of the other professionals in the team were Have a Seat who was in charge of rentals, Connie Cupcake for the sweets including the gorgeous cake, Anista Designs for the stationery, Svetlana Skiba for the model’s hair, and Emily Anne Helsdon for makeup. If there was a wedding supplier’s version of the Academy Awards, some of these people will definitely take home a trophy. It’s such an honor to work with such wonderful people.


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