Apr 06, 2015

Vintage Bohemian Engagement Photoshoot


Alessia and Luca’s Backyard Engagement Shoot

Alessia and Luca There are moments in our lives as photographers when we are faced with situations when we get to be more creative, while there are times when things just seem so easy and relaxed. Bad weather can be tough and the cold winter snow can be quite difficult. Whatever the circumstance, we’re always up for the challenge. But a couple more months and it’s summertime once again. We are reminded of enjoying that warm summer sun that keeps us livelier than usual. We simply love outdoor engagement shoots. Period. There’s no doubt that we love summer so much, but when we see engagement setups with bohemian dresses, floral crowns, and vintage bicycles and other paraphernalia surrounded by greens and a beautiful summer sky, we just can’t stop shooting. We even wish we could have the Summer season throughout the year. This picture reminds us of the fun we had last summer with Alessia and Luca. We spent an awesome time with the couple for their engagement shoot in their backyard. They also planned to hold their Wedding Ceremony in the very same venue this Summer. They have a gorgeous house with a lovely patio and a beautifully landscape garden! The place was spacious with lots of grass and trees for shade. Matching it up with a vintage bohemian theme made it all beautiful. The passion and romance between the two were obvious. We didn’t have trouble at all choosing the best angles for them. Whether they looked serious, joyful, or simply looked at each other with dazzling eyes and sweet smiles, taking shots at any angle seemed to be worth it with these two sweethearts. We tried everything from picnic setups to just cuddling at the steps. We didn’t have too much props but a couple of simple things like bicycles, or some balloons, or some flowers floating on the fountain made things very pretty. We didn’t have too fancy accessories for clothes either. Truly, often times, less is more when you have the right items that match. We had the lovely pleasure of meeting Luca’s family after the e-session. We were able to spend a bit of time with them while sharing a glass of Prosecco, after the shoot was done. Having fun with our clients after en engagement shoot is something we truly enjoy and cherish. It won’t be long and we will be seeing Alessia and Luca again this time as they say their I-Do’s. We will be back in their lovely home, with guests celebrating with them, more flowers, and more things to decorate their backyard. With the summer sun awaiting that momentous day, and as we prepare our cameras and our creative appetite for that day, we just couldn’t help but imagine how gorgeous everything will be. We just know it’s going to be epic – another beautiful Summer wedding. 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