Jan 12, 2016

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Vaughan

wedding ceremony decor

Alessia and Luca’s Garden Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, we adore them no matter how big or how small. There is just something gratifying and pleasing about the union of two lovers that makes our hearts flutter and our eyes tear up. Marriages are the kind of celebrations that bring people closer together through a wonderful and intimate event that will always be remembered and treasured. It is very heartwarming and inspiring to witness two very different individuals promising each other a lifetime of friendship, loyalty and affection.

The beautiful garden wedding of Alessia and Luca just proved to all of us that love makes the world go round. Alessia is a hairstylist and she has worked with a lot of brides before becoming a bride herself. It was a magical moment for her because she had seen a lot of wives-to-be and transformed them on their wedding day, and now it’s time for her to be the one to walk down the aisle and say “I Do” to her other half whom she will spend the rest of her life with.

Alessia got ready at the modern Element Hotel in Vaughan while Luca prepared at his parents’ lovely house in Kleinburg where the wedding ceremony also took place. Alessia wore a stunning, lacy bridal gown by White Toronto. The dress was a heart-shaped tube in mermaid style and appliqued with intricate laces which made the gown look incredibly elegant. The designer of Alessia’s wedding gown also designed the attire of the bridal party and the bridesmaids all looked incredibly gorgeous. Her hair and makeup stylist did a great job at enhancing her natural beauty and not overdoing it. Alessia looked simply pretty with her light makeup and curled hair which touched her bareback. Her overall look radiated grace and refinement which definitely complemented Luca, her most beloved one.

The unique wedding ceremony of Alessia and Luca commenced at the charming backyard of Luca’s parents. It was an intimate celebration and it meant so much for both of their parents to have a festivity such as this to be held at a very memorable place which is close to their hearts. The Engagement Photos of the couple were also shot in this venue earlier this year and it was such a cheerful experience.

The ceremony was like a scene from a movie. If you have watched “The Secret Garden” you will truly appreciate this kind of wedding ceremony because it is wonderfully unique and absolutely memorable. The backyard was a sight to behold. The trees and plants were lush and green which were perfect backdrops for the marriage of Alessia and Luca. The garden was spacious enough to house 315 guests who were all very happy and pleased for the two lovebirds.

After exchanging their most awaited wedding vows, Alessia and Luca were cheered and applauded by the crowd. The guests indulged themselves with some snacks and champagne while Luca grabbed the opportunity to take some photos of himself and his wife with their wedding attires on his favorite toy – his bike.

Before proceeding to the reception venue at the Royalton, family pictures were taken outside the wonderful home of Luca’s parents. Then the whole bridal party roamed around the main street in Kleinburg to also have their photos taken. They started from Starbucks where Alessia and Luca both grabbed a cup of their favorite Oreo cookie frappuccino, then walked together with the whole gang along the main strip to the lovely grounds of the Royalton.

The Royalton was decorated with a lot of fragrant and fresh flowers from Florissimi Floral Design. The whole venue looked picture-perfect. A very exciting program was prepared at the reception. The entourage entered the hall with a spot light on them while they were raising their hands up and having a good time. The married couple shared their first dance and kissed in the middle of the dance floor while the crowd shouted their “oohs” and “aahs”. It was such a dreamy sight with the couple holding and kissing each other while the mist was slowly surrounding them. The newlyweds were clearly head over heels with one another and the way they stared into each other’s eyes, they could easily melt everyone around them.

The whole wedding celebration ended with a lot of dancing, crying, laughing and shared kisses on the dance floor. Everyone raised their glasses for the happy couple and wished them a joyous and blissful journey together as husband and wife.

bride at Element Hotel in Vaughan

memorable wedding moments

stunning lacy bridal gown

prepared at his parents

Alessia is a hairstylist herself

complementing the bride

bride worked as a hairstylist

Element Hotel in Vaughan

wedding letter from him

bride reading the letter

bride crying in the morning

memorable wedding moments

stunning lacy bridal gown

memorable wedding moments with friends

stunning wedding bouquet

heart-shaped tube dress

fresh flower bouquet

fresh flowers decorated

getting ready at his parents

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guys are preparing at his parents

Marriages are celebrations

groomsmen in the parents backyard

small wedding ceremonies

wedding gazebo design

moments at Element Hotel

elegant bridal gown

fresh flowers boutonnieres

lifetime of friendship

pinning on the boutonnier

backyard wedding decor

wedding snacks and wine

loyalty and affection

walking down the bride backyard

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backyard wedding ceremonies

exchange of wedding vows

wedding ceremony readings

first kiss at the ceremony

wine and snacks

wedding snacks and champagne

wedding party at Kleinburg

flower girls are having fun

flower girls are going nuts

newleyweds sharing Starbucks

couple sharing Starbucks

bridesmaids all looked incredibly gorgeous

bridal party in Kleinburg

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bridal hair and makeup

bridal mermaid dress

wedding pictures in Kleinburg

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broom posing by himself

lifetime of friendship

Alessia and Luca wedding

Royalton reception venue

receiving line at the Royalton

Painted canvas of bride and groom

elegant wedding reception

decor at the Royalton venue

share their first dance

bride and groom cutting the cake

decorated with a lot of details

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