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He is the quintessential photographer – creative, lives in the moment and crazy at times (in a good way!) His calm demeanor will put you at ease and make your special day a smooth sailing. The best part of being a photographer? “Having all the blackmail material. Kidding. Stealing souls.”

Purple Tree Photographers


She has as many talents as freckles on her face. She exudes calm energy and gives gentle guidance, making the results nothing short of spectacular. She is like Paris – once you meet her, you will stay in love with her forever. Svetla’s human superpower is her ability to understand abstract art and being able to write with both hands!

Purple Tree Photographers


He is a dreamer who genuinely loves what he does. Eugene has synesthesia – he sees everything in colour and this neuropsychological trait shaped him as a photographer. He is also really, really funny. Says the best part about being a photographer is never being bored and getting to face challenging situations.

Purple Tree Photographers


Her bright red hair and contagious laugh fill up the air when she comes into a room. She is a true photography rock star – her energy and smooth directions will make your experience unforgettable. Nadia’s human superpower is her ability to walk in sky high heels of any size at any time!

Purple Tree Photographers


You trust him before he speaks to you – he is one of those gems. Experimental, deviant; yet friendly and warm. Be prepared to be wowed by results of his work. Happiest memory of his life? “My wedding to the person I love most in the cosmos”

Purple Tree Wedding Photographers


Ambitious and soft-spoken, Karolina lives and breathes photography. She is inspired by every little detail and she is one of the most positive people you will ever meet! Happiest memory of her life? “Travelling all around Europe with my dad”. She is currently capturing love stories in Dubai.

Purple Tree Wedding Photographers


Living in the moment, he is all about bright and vivid colours. Contemporary and modern are two words to describe his style. Crazy at times, but he will take good care of you.

Purple Tree Photographers


If there is one word that describes Carly the best, it’s “easy-going”. She is a super mom and loves chasing tender moments with her camera – you feel like you have been friends with her forever from the moment you meet her. Carly’s biggest dream as a child was to become a marine biologist and marry Jared Leto.

Purple Tree Photographers


With a background in fashion photography, Derrick creates a one of a kind experience for his couples. He loves experimenting and captures light beautifully.

Purple Tree Photographers


More likely than not, Marielli is the first person you’ll encounter at Purple Tree. She’s behind the screen and on the other side of the phone, happy to get you started on your journey with us. Her degree in philosophy has taught her that there are no such thing as stupid questions, so don’t hesitate to ask away!

Purple Tree Photographers


Although he spent years in academia, Randy couldn’t ignore his love for photography. Climbing rooftops, setting off smoke grenades and entering abandoned buildings, he is an adventurer at heart, taking risks to capture the perfect shot.

Purple Tree Photographers


Capturing moments with rhythm and grace, you can tell that Lanna once aspired to become a famous dancer. It’s easy to make her smile, but show her your cat photos and she will smile brighter. With an open mind, she uses her camera lenses to view the world in different perspectives.

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